• Counter Strike Global Offensive


    • The use of wallhacks, aimbots, any usebugs on maps and other cheats in any form is prohibited.
    • Cheats also include changes to the config that mimic a bad connection and cause lags that can make the cheating player worse off.
    • In case of such an occurrence, the cheater will be punished with a perma ban.

    "Fake-Ping" / advice

    • The use of a "Fake-Ping" (permanent display of a 5 latency) or the manipulation resp. the incorrect setting of the rates in the config is not tolerated. Here, players are encouraged to independently resolve these issues. If this does not happen, the player can be excluded from playing.

    Bunny Hop

    • The use of Bunny-Hop (Script, .exe, etc.) in any form is prohibited. [Unless it is provided by the server].
    • If somebody wants bunny-hop, do it the old-fashioned way and use the spacebar, show us skills.

    Insults / Flamings

    • Flaming and insults of individual players or between several players is prohibited in any form.
    • The reason: "he started, I replied" does not count and is sanctioned to the same punishment.
    • In the case of flaming or insulting, the affected player can contact any admin on of the community via the contact options on the website.


    • The use of text and voice chat for the use of advertising of any kind is prohibited.
    • Failure to comply will immediately penalize this person with a Perma ban.


    • Everything from the server log files, e.g.  that can be seen in the chat log, and violates the server rules, can also be punished in afterwards.

    Ages Allowed

    • The legal minimum age for CS: GO is 16 years in the Federal Republic of Germany. Due to the server location in Germany, the German case law is thus applied, so that even on the eXitus gaming servers a minimum age of 16 years applies.

    House Rules

    • Since the eXitus gaming servers are not public, legal or equivalent institutions but private game servers, the house rules apply to the servers.
    • Here it is up to the community management in certain cases to decide freely.
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive Server Commands

    • !rank
    • !rank10
    • !store
    • place
    • !claim
    • !tp
    • !flip
    • !credits
    • !vip
    • !vip10
    • !inv
    • !soundsoff
    • top10