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    Hello guys, We are working on a new project in Hytale For this reason we are hosting an event so you guys can win Credits. You might wonder what is Hytale ? Here is the video to present it : The Rules are simple: - Create a name for our new Hytale server - It must be Abstract like not a name taken from other name - Not a name like Coca or any brand in it ! - No Racist name or offensive name (It will be instant delete) Also I will make a poll so you guys can vote for any cool name. I will make the poll when some names are gonna be submitted, i submit mines: Absolution / Direndo / Jiresme / Lokill We will pick 3 winner to receive credits on CSGO servers 1st 25000 credits and VIp (the 2 packs ) 2nd 12500 credits 3rd 7500 credits You have until the end of february to post a name Also we are hiring Builders to help us build a spawn for it, if you feel like you know how to build in minecraft send a message us and we will see with you what is possible Good luck everyone and have fun making new name Availability of a .com Domain Hytropica hytropia hytaxia hytalania hylands Cosmos Hyperion rexios MineRaft Hytroxus MyWorld hylands HyPlanet/s
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    I hope the name is good MineRaft