• Minecraft

    Account, Client Modification and Bug Using

    Any kind of client modification and third party programs that gives the user a distinct advantage over others is prohibited. These include, in particular, modifications that make it easier to find resources ("X-Ray"), indicate the positions of players or mobs (radar mods), or allow flying, etc.
    The use of bots of all kinds is prohibited. (Including a fishing boat)

    A player may only be logged on to a server at any one time with one account.
    Being online with two accounts on the same or different servers is not allowed, as long as both accounts belong to the same player. Also, through Multiaccounts no player may gain an advantage or bypass any mechanisms / systems. At the request of the team you have to indicate, if you play with several accounts and which ones are.
    The exploitation of bugs is prohibited, this includes e.g. duplicating (duping) blocks or setting up blocks before rebooting, then dismantling them with double dropping.
     Found bugs, which could give players an advantage, are to be reported in the forum or in the game by PM to a moderator, operator or admin.
    Every item created by a bug must be reported to a Mod / Mod + / Op / Admin. Depending on the value / origin of the item, these items are removed or can be kept.

    Behavior towards players / teammates

    Griefing and stealing of any kind is prohibited.
    Griefing other players is prohibited.
    The exploitation of Shopschildfehlern and the exclusion of casinos without spam protection or similar. is prohibited. The extent to which the team intervenes depends on the case!
    Insults and racist statements of any kind are prohibited and will result in a ban.

    The members of the eXitus gaming team treat all players equally and do not give any player an advantage over others.
    The instructions of the team members are to be followed. If you have a problem with these, then you can contact another Mod / Mod + / Operator / Admin.
    Anyone who repeatedly disturbs the chat or does not follow requests from team members must expect punishment.
    It is forbidden to disclose private details (such as pictures, addresses, telephone numbers, ...) of other people in the game without their consent.
    Horses are not separately protected, those who move horses away from their own curly land do so at their own risk.