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  1. Dear Exitus-Gaming team, I am writing to apply for the rank supporter. I am 16 years old and my name is Lukas I have been playing on your server for a very long time so I would like to be a part of the staff team and help improving the server. I am as active as I possible can since I am in the 10th grade now the school stuff got a lot harder which means I need to learn a lot more. On weekends and holidays I will be very active. I am a friendly person, not racist and not toxic I have a lot of friends on the network some are from the staff team and some arent. I dont know if the gameplay matters for the application at all but I am pretty good at the game. I have never been a part of any type of staff team, not in this game or any other game but I belive that I would be a pretty good staff member since I do know a lot of stuff about the network and the game itselfs I can help new players and maybe even older ones. My main language is german but I allso speak a good ammount of english not perfect but allso not that bad. I have a working mic and I am not shy to use it ingame. I allways wanted to be in the staff team but I wasnt old enough and now that I am I really hope that I will get accepted. Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198217304616/ Discord : BOTHans#8435 Yours sincerely, Tyler
  2. I would like to inform the staff team about the bugs which everyone hates. At the moment there seems to be only 2 bugs around that annoy players a lot the bug with the hitbox of the skin called Gasai Yano its unfair against people who dont have that skin and annoying to play against and since 70% is using the skin it got pretty annoying overtime. not only that but the bug that comes with it if you use the bind +right or +left the hitboxes bug out and you are unhittable to others people keep abusing that bug and it is really annoying. I would suggest removing the skin for a quick option or taking the time in changing the hit box of it from custom to normal. Thanks for ur effort in keeping the server nice and clean!
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