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  1. 😉 Someone Wanna Add me ? : P ❤️

  2. I Love this Community, Sometimes toxic but cool ; )

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    Ty and hello virus, if you can change my name to SmartSix.
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    Application as Supporter+

    And i cant change name here
  5. Hello, SmartSix, I write this application for supporter / if i will be lucky get higher rank My name is Susan, i'm 33 years old and I sounds like a man and very young. I really like the noscope bhop server. I played CS:GO for ( 1,113 hours ) on steam i'm almost 5 years, and I speak English,german but sometimes small problem and small can write japanese. Today, while playing on the server. I wish if i can add some more stuff into servers or other. I was on big servers rank: Co-owner, admin, moderator and one time owner with fully access, got respect and donates for help on that but i left everything and for now i like get somewhere staff where i playing. i can help the server with some ideas, and a lot of thing. So here I am, and i hope you will read my application and not deny it. My steam : SmartSix My discord : SmartSix#1371 My TeamSpeak ip : ( Nicknamed: SmartSix - i don't really use a lot TeamSpeak ) If someone say i am man, i will send pic of me but only one. Youtube of me but its just only sometimes when i something upload - SmartSix