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  1. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Awesome Edit, really enjoy it Spread the word so other people join in
  2. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Hello Everyone, Another event is taking place beside the event on server, We want to invest you in our Christmas picture event It will start from now on until 25th of December (Last day to post) We will give prize on the 5th of January The rules are simple : Post a picture of anything related to eXitus (eXitus Logo, Picture on server, screenshot with Admin, ect...) It must have Christmas theme( Presents, Snowman, Tree, ect...) You can use any softaware you want (Photshop, Paint, Gimp, ect...) The reward will be as following: 1st prize: 40000 credits 2nd Prize: 20000 credits 3rd prize: 10000 credits I wish luck to all of you guys Be creative
  3. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas on eXitus

    Hello everyone, Christmas is coming, and on eXitus we want to celebrate that with you, players We decided to have random events in December These events will take place in the Awp Bhop Noscope server and will have different forms and will last until January 5th. Math (simple, exemple: 3+3*3) Culture Question (exemple: Capital of Germany) The first to get (x) kills Singing contest (Why not ) Most kills on the map Ect... The rewards will be as following: Up to 2000 Credits per player and per day during week Up to 5000 Credits per player during weekend Listen carefully to what the Admin say
  4. BlackShadow

    New Maps on Bhop Noscope

    Hello everyone, As you may know it's almost Halloween and Christmas too. We are always trying to improve our servers, so why not having some new maps, i did some reasearch and here are some ideas for maps: Halloween: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: Christmas: 1st: 2nd: Note that these are example and might not be suitable for awp-noscope. By the way there is actually a new map : Note that if you find any bugs or anything wrong on the map don't forget to tell us onto bug report section. If you have any suggestion of maps let them down below, we would apreciate some ideas thanks for taking time to read, see you ingame
  5. BlackShadow

    Forum Prefixes

    Hi, Welcome to the Forum, This is a nice idea, also as you may know each of the team member have already a color + rank on his profile so each rank can be recognised instantly. For now i think we won't focus on this one even though it's a great idea. Anyway, thanx for taking time to suggest things for the Forum, have fun in-game
  6. BlackShadow

    Supporter Topic (By Bimsi) :)

    First of all, Welcome to the eXitus Forums, Thanx for reaching us to apply as supporter, the minimum age is 16 years old and I know you're turning 16 next month so it's ok. I saw you loads of times on the server playing mostly AWP noscope. I will let Tobi give the final answer as he's the manager, it might take some time to decide and remember that if you're accepted, you have one month probation which means that if the teams decide that you didn't fit the rules and the requirements, you can still be out of the team. Anyway, good luck and have fun playing on all eXitus Servers !
  7. BlackShadow

    Dark Castle

    Wow, That looks epic,i would love to see you make a map like this on CSGO Very nice
  8. BlackShadow

    Bewerbung als Supporter [AWP NOSCOPE]

    Hello and welcome again to the Exitus Community, As I already told you I am going to take care of you and be your instructor if @The_Virus wants to let me too ( Because you don't have the age required) as you mentionned. So, you will have to do so, if you find anything bad on the server you will have to report to me if i'm online and i will explain you the procedure online You will be in test period for one month as Virus will confirm. Anyway good luck for the future and have fun on Exitus Servers