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  1. Hi guys, quick poll to ask you guys if you would want a reward system based on how many friends you invite on the steam group ! I'll let you vote and we will se from here !
  2. BlackShadow

    [EVENT] New name for Hytale server

    Hi @TRASH, so do you have any kind of screenshots of things you build in minecraft? ^^
  3. BlackShadow

    [EVENT] New name for Hytale server

    Hello guys, We are working on a new project in Hytale For this reason we are hosting an event so you guys can win Credits. You might wonder what is Hytale ? Here is the video to present it : The Rules are simple: - Create a name for our new Hytale server - It must be Abstract like not a name taken from other name - Not a name like Coca or any brand in it ! - No Racist name or offensive name (It will be instant delete) Also I will make a poll so you guys can vote for any cool name. I will make the poll when some names are gonna be submitted, i submit mines: Absolution / Direndo / Jiresme / Lokill We will pick 3 winner to receive credits on CSGO servers 1st 25000 credits and VIp (the 2 packs ) 2nd 12500 credits 3rd 7500 credits You have until the end of february to post a name Also we are hiring Builders to help us build a spawn for it, if you feel like you know how to build in minecraft send a message us and we will see with you what is possible Good luck everyone and have fun making new name Availability of a .com Domain Hytropica hytropia hytaxia hytalania hylands Cosmos Hyperion rexios MineRaft Hytroxus MyWorld hylands HyPlanet/s
  4. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Here are the winner, contact me in game or Steam or here o receive your prizes, Thanx for everyone that has entered and GG See you in future events
  5. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Yes i think that's better and fair but i really like yours that's why ^^ Because like we can have infinite credits xD So thank you for understanding otherwise i would have put yours at first for now cuz most creative ^^
  6. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Well that's the thing because you can get unllimited credits xD That's why I was asking xD Because you can get unlimited credits ^^ So you really want those credits instead of other players xD
  7. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    All these stars are falling nice picture Love the color of the presents @HiSenz btw do you enter for the Credits or was it for fun? ^^ Thanks for answering
  8. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Look like a nice place to stay and chill aha warm and confortable
  9. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    My entry (not actually) :))))
  10. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Nice one Spread the word to others
  11. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Nice picture, nice colors on it Spread the word to others
  12. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Awesome Edit, really enjoy it Spread the word so other people join in
  13. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas Picture

    Hello Everyone, Another event is taking place beside the event on server, We want to invest you in our Christmas picture event It will start from now on until 25th of December (Last day to post) We will give prize on the 5th of January The rules are simple : Post a picture of anything related to eXitus (eXitus Logo, Picture on server, screenshot with Admin, ect...) It must have Christmas theme( Presents, Snowman, Tree, ect...) You can use any softaware you want (Photshop, Paint, Gimp, ect...) The reward will be as following: 1st prize: 50000 credits 2nd Prize: 25000 credits 3rd prize: 12500 credits I wish luck to all of you guys Be creative
  14. BlackShadow

    [Events] - Christmas on eXitus

    Hello everyone, Christmas is coming, and on eXitus we want to celebrate that with you, players We decided to have random events in December These events will take place in the Awp Bhop Noscope server and will have different forms and will last until January 5th. Math (simple, exemple: 3+3*3) Culture Question (exemple: Capital of Germany) The first to get (x) kills Singing contest (Why not ) Most kills on the map Ect... The rewards will be as following: Up to 2000 Credits per player and per day during week Up to 5000 Credits per player during weekend Listen carefully to what the Admin say
  15. BlackShadow

    New Maps on Bhop Noscope

    Hello everyone, As you may know it's almost Halloween and Christmas too. We are always trying to improve our servers, so why not having some new maps, i did some reasearch and here are some ideas for maps: Halloween: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: Christmas: 1st: 2nd: Note that these are example and might not be suitable for awp-noscope. By the way there is actually a new map : Note that if you find any bugs or anything wrong on the map don't forget to tell us onto bug report section. If you have any suggestion of maps let them down below, we would apreciate some ideas thanks for taking time to read, see you ingame