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  1. Hello everyone ! Today as you may know from other events Exitus has come to have 3rd birthday ! As part of our celebration with you guys and to thank you guys to be part of the servers, I will host Question Event ! The Rules will be simple: - I will ask questions in the noscope server randomly -The First player to answer in text chat gets 2500 Credits - Pay attention on the left of your screen at any moment when i'm on because I will not say when i will do it 🙂 Other events you can join in: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/eXitus-Community#announcements/detail/1618394760973419156 Have fun and good luck to everyone Feel free to leave us any suggestion in the appropriate section on the Forum 🙂
  2. Hi Hila ! Good Suggestion ! The thing is that we normally are gonna reset every month the points which will be in place soon. Our goal is to reward player most Active of course and a lot of people in top 10 are less active as you noticed, so we might think of a way to change that and to reward best and most active players. Anyway thanx for your suggestion ! 🙂
  3. You're right but it's to our own problem too we can't limit what kids see, and i bet legaly if you show a dildo to kid it's just not right for your mind xD
  4. Hi, Nice suggestion first of all we like new suggestions, try to find a Model and we will maybe add it the only problem is for Kids playing on server !
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