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  1. WINNERS OF GIVEAWAY: 3rd place RoRussian congrats ! 2nd place: ZfaaishZ 1st place: Mario , congrats on winnong the VIP ! Congrats everyone !
  2. Happy holidays and Happy New Year Event 2020 Die Leitung der eXitus-Gaming Community wünscht allen Mitgliedern, Freunden und Gästen Frohe Festtage und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2020. Wir haben in den vergangenen 3 Jahren mit eurer Hilfe viel erreicht und freuen uns auch im nächsten Jahr wieder mit euch durchstarten zu können. Gewinnspiel!!! Was gibt es zu gewinnen? Wir verlosen eine PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB & PlayStation+ für 1 Monat. In welcher Farbe verlosen wir die PlayStation 4? Die Farbe der PlayStation ist in Jet Black Was für ein Event gibt es ? Wir Starten ein 1vs1 Turnier um Teilnehmen zu können müsst ihr die Voraussetzungen unten erfüllen. Teilnahmebedingungen Was brauchen wir von euch. Schreibt mir euren Nick unter : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/eXitus-Community/announcements/detail/1727624178349455838 Spieler die einen VAC Haben dürfen nicht Mitmachen am Tunier Teilnahmebedingungen ab 14 Jahre Die Veranstaltung ist nur in der Europäischen Union verfügbar The management of the eXitus Gaming Community wishes all members, friends and guests a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020. We have achieved a lot in the last 3 years with your support and are looking forward to starting with you again next year. Competition!!! What do we draw? We draw a PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB & PlayStation+ for 1 Month. Whats the colour of the PlayStation 4? The colour is Jet Black. What event will it be? We start a 1vs1 tournament. To participate you have to meet the requirements below. Conditions of participation What do we need from you. Write your nickname below this :https://steamcommunity.com/groups/eXitus-Community/announcements/detail/1727624178349455838 Player who have a VAC on their account are not allowed on this event You need to be at least 14 years of age Event is only available in the Europe Union Greetings, - eXitus-Gaming
  3. Hello everyone, The end of the year is coming and as a part of that christmas is coming on Exitus! To celebrate that we've prepared many events for you ! 1st: On the server, the return of question for credits for a limited period of time Each correct answered will give 2000 credits (Only 1 time a day for each player/ A player can't get more than 2000 credits a day) 2nd: Special gamemode on the server (King mode, ect...) Any Admin will announce it on server when any gamemode is on and will explain the rules ! There will be many bonuses to win througout the whole gamemodes ! 3rd: Event on the forum to win 2 VIP plus credits Let me explain the rules ! Everyone has a chance to win it: It's simple, we want you guys to write a small text related to exitus and christmas, you can include a picture if you want in your story ( it can be a memory you have from the server on Exitus or anything else related !) The team and me are gonna pick the winner and announce it in January The prize distribution will be like this: 1st: 1 VIP pack + 50 000 credits 2nd: 1 VIP pack + 35 000 credits 3rd: 25 000 credits To participate simply post your story in the general Forum and we will read all of them (No pressure you don't need to make a GIANT story 🙂 ) Plus many more events, also we are thinking of a community night where all of players can join us and we take parts on some challenges and minigames on a map 😄 We are going to announce it in a separate post to explain further more !
  4. BlackShadow


    He got muted afterward, also it's none of your matter to decide what sanction is for who, you say something bad i mute, he said something bad i didn't see he don't have anything (I muted him afterwards cuz people said it) Anyway don't be more toxic, i don't like toxic people so don't abuse yourself 🙂
  5. Welcome Tyler, I have the honor to tell you that you are accepted in the team as Supporter test as first to see if everything goes right. I will take your steam ID and i will see you in game to explain to you ingame how it goes and if you have any question feel free to ask me or any staff member. Kind regards, See you on the server ! 🙂
  6. Welcome Samurtan, I have the honor to tell you that you are accepted in the team as Supporter test as first to see if everything goes right. I will take your steam ID and i will see you in game to explain to you ingame how it goes and if you have any question feel free to ask me or any staff member. Kind regards, See you on the server ! 🙂
  7. BlackShadow


    Thanx for the report, this player will receive a sanction according to our rule Have a nice day 🙂
  8. Hello, Your application has been rejected as it's very short and we know too little, have a nice day !
  9. Hello, I'm sorry to inform you that you application has been rejected as it's very short and we know too little also i don't often see you online on the server. Have a good day !
  10. Hello, So after looking at your application and after watching you in game i have privilege that you are in for a test in the noscope server, we will watch you still but you are in ! //Approved
  11. I will handle it and make a post about it soon. Thanx for the report
  12. Delete the picture please as it clearly show the Ip of the player please delete it Dark
  13. You're not the only one I banned for using that, so chill down. The thing is we're trying to find way around it, we know the skin is buggued, not a reason to usebug it tho so why you do it ? And the rules are made by us regarding the situation so there's no freeban. Now you know it is forbidden and if i see you use it anymore the bans will be longer for you or any other player
  14. Hi, You got banned for using the usebug with the gasai Yuno skin, many got warned and I said it many times just spinning in circles so people so people can't hit you is usebug, and you can't lie about it, the ban is not gonna lifted next time don't usebug.
  15. Hello, So as you may notice Valve has made some change and there is actually a cvar to enable prime only: sv_prime_accounts_only (0-1). I think that's what you mean, anyway I think it would be bad idea as we have a team of active Admins/Supporter to handle the cheaters and in most cases cheaters are banned within an hour after reporting them 🙂 And for the boost part we force players to play (No Permabhop or camping and we force them to shoot if they don't want) So i think for now it is good 🙂
  16. Hello everyone ! Today as you may know from other events Exitus has come to have 3rd birthday ! As part of our celebration with you guys and to thank you guys to be part of the servers, I will host Question Event ! The Rules will be simple: - I will ask questions in the noscope server randomly -The First player to answer in text chat gets 2500 Credits - Pay attention on the left of your screen at any moment when i'm on because I will not say when i will do it 🙂 Other events you can join in: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/eXitus-Community#announcements/detail/1618394760973419156 Have fun and good luck to everyone Feel free to leave us any suggestion in the appropriate section on the Forum 🙂
  17. Hi Hila ! Good Suggestion ! The thing is that we normally are gonna reset every month the points which will be in place soon. Our goal is to reward player most Active of course and a lot of people in top 10 are less active as you noticed, so we might think of a way to change that and to reward best and most active players. Anyway thanx for your suggestion ! 🙂
  18. You're right but it's to our own problem too we can't limit what kids see, and i bet legaly if you show a dildo to kid it's just not right for your mind xD
  19. Hi, Nice suggestion first of all we like new suggestions, try to find a Model and we will maybe add it the only problem is for Kids playing on server !
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