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  1. I know that I'm in wrong section but I did not know where to post that . So beucase I love this forum I wanted to suggest this idea so to make our forum more beuatiful ... So this prefixes are Community Owner : <span style="color: #d60909;font-weight:bold;background-image: url(;text-shadow: 2px 0px 11px #d60909;">Community Managers</span> Forum Moderator : <span style="color: #0c840b;font-weight: bold;text-shadow: 0 0 0.7em #0c840b;background-image:url;"> Forum Moderators </span> CS:GO Admin : <span style="color: #0bd0d0;font-weight: bold;text-shadow: 0 0 0.7em #0bd0d0;background-image:url;">CS:GO Admins</span> Anti-Cheat Team : <span style="color: #fff900;font-weight: bold;text-shadow: 0 0 0.7em #fff900;background-image:url;">Anti-Cheat Team</span> P.S This prefixes are not stolen this prefixes are made by me . In first prefix we see the name gamespot , gamespot was my community but I close it because I couldnt afford . So as i said because i love this community and wanna be better I don't have problem to use this prefixes ..