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  1. To be able to register you we need your Steam ID which you can find at https://steamidfinder.com/
  2. Please send us your SteamID which you can view at https://steamidfinder.com/
  3. Send me the Steam profile Link
  4. Hm Well, I can't find an active ban on the Steam ID
  5. So now have you registered have fun on the server
  6. Send me the link to your Steam Profile
  7. You have to give me your Steam ID so I know if you have a ban or not. Or is your account No Prime?
  8. You must enter your correct ID under Steam ID which you will find when you go to a server and enter Status in the Console. Or at https://steamidfinder.com/ A StemID looks like this STEAM_1:0:13176064
  9. The_Virus


    What you sent is not a steam ID. Please send the complete ID without which we cannot register you. And please answer here and don't create a new topic thank you
  10. The_Virus


    Please have another look at the info here in the forum. The info we need from you can be found here
  11. The_Virus


    test lk_block_articles_block
  12. Hey zFaishZ . Plz send me yours - Steam ID - Nickname
  13. Hey Ganiox hast du mal ein deine Steam ID für mich das ich dich finden kann was genau vorgefallen ist.
  14. Oh, what are you doing even live ;D Please contact me in Steam
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