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  1. The_Virus


    test lk_block_articles_block
  2. Hey zFaishZ . Plz send me yours - Steam ID - Nickname
  3. Hey Ganiox hast du mal ein deine Steam ID für mich das ich dich finden kann was genau vorgefallen ist.
  4. Oh, what are you doing even live ;D Please contact me in Steam
  5. Good evening Thanks for your report. We already know the mistakes and we are already working on a solutuin. greeting The Admin team
  6. The_Virus

    Gasai Yuno

    Remove the awp_minecraft_cash_go from your Steam folder and re-download the map from the server.
  7. The game is available from USK 16 Only the version PEGI is from 18 but only for the consoles below 😉 The age rating of PEGI applies to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions only. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-Strike:_Global_Offensive
  8. Good evening RizenDK is a nice idea with the Knife but I will discuss that with my co-owner before. Since we also have younger players on the server and don't want to have any problems with the parents or anything else, we will consider it. I just see you can create models ? If you like you can create models for our servers 😉
  9. eXitus-Gaming is 3 years old and we want to celebrate with you. There will be many events and lotteries.
  10. The_Virus


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