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  1. Hello, Thanks for your Application, we will add you later today to our whitelist. - eXitus
  2. But there is one thing you could do, one issue many players have reported that if you have an Music Kit, disable it. Maybe this is a fix for you. - eXitus-Gaming
  3. CS:GO is Free to play, the players who download the game are not prime, and can´t play on Community Servers either. Against Players who already bought the game can join on our Servers and we can´t do anything to make it "Prime Only" - eXitus Gaming
  4. Thanks for your report. We're taking a look at it, this could take about one Week because we're currently working on some fixes for eXitus and a new Project. - eXitus Gaming
  5. Wir werden schauen was wir einrichten können Vielen Dank für deinen Vorschlag - eXitus Gaming
  6. '''NOSCOPE - Server AKTUALISIERUNG''' == Intro == '''Patch Notes: eXitus-Gaming v1.0.0''' ''' Hello eXitus-Gaming! ''' As promised, all patch notes concerning our servers, our forum or other things are posted here, so you can understand what has changed, what will change and what we are currently working on. Of course, we welcome feedback and criticism , suggestions and other. If you have questions about certain things, you can of course also post them. Wir hoffen, Sie alle genießen die neuen Funktionen und Korrekturen! Teilen Sie Ihr Feedback und die Fehler auf der Fra
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