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  1. MrPetit

    map upgrades

    alright thanks for the answer
  2. MrPetit

    anti tower

    I've seen on some awp servers that there is a kind of anti-tower plugin. that means u can't get inside the tower, or you get killed if you stay in it for a while. There are some guys that are always camping in towers (or just camping), and to be fair it's annoying, so is it possible to have a similar plugin?
  3. MrPetit

    map upgrades

    Hi everybody, Not so long ago, I was playing on the awp b-hop server in the map: awp-taj-heaven (or something like that). A lot of people were jumping out of the map to be underneath it, it was really annoying and they went there on purpose. Is it possible to place some skyboxes around the map, so the people can't jump out of it? kind regards MrPetit (currently named as EzI'mSilver)
  4. MrPetit

    Missions Store?

    I'd love to see this in game