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  1. Charel 07.12.2018 My application as Supporter About me : · My name is Charel and I live in Luxembourg. I am sixteen years old and I am a student in a 3eme Classique section G. I speak 4 languages: German (fluently), French (almost fluently), English (almost fluently) and Luxembourgish (native language). I am playing a lot of CSGO, mostly on Bhop/Awp servers. I do a lot of sport but at the same time I must learn for school. · My IG name is also Charel and I play CSGO since 469hours. I mostly play on the Exitus-gaming server because of the nice people and there is always someone to talk to. My experience as Supporter: · I started playing Pc-games when I was 9 years old. When I found a good server, I always invested a lot of time in this server. With 14 years I first became supporter on a MC-server. I am a very patient human and I endure many provocations, but when the water is overflowing, I am consistently! In this case I mute this person. Why I want to become Supporter? · I want to combine my strengths with my motivation to applicate as supporter on the server: On the one hand I speak 4 languages and I am always courteous and helpful. I play a lot on the server and I also made a lot of friendships. On the other hand I am an active player on the exitus server! My data: 1. Steam profil: 2. Teamspeak: Yes 3. Discord: yes Conclusion: I have already spoken with a few Team members (Blackshadow,Virus) and they said it is worth a try. Thank you for taking the time to read my application. If you find my application interesting, I would be happy if you would invite me to discord or teamspeak to get to know me. You can contact me via my steam profile or ingame. Charel