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  1. Report on player: "# 283 9 "donco--" STEAM_1:1:68123199 15:33 46 0 active 128000 " Reasons for report: Racism and flaming. Donco kept on calling us n!ggers and insulting everyone on the server. Evidence: And way more in the logs, but I wanted to play so only took 2 screenshots. To contact me add me on steam: "steamcommunity.com/id/RizenDK" Regards R1zeN Player banned by me 2 month ~ BlackShadow
  2. Report on player: "Can't like germans. (STEAM_1:1:456134853) " Reasons: Racism and flaming so much that its hard to play on the server. He called me a stupid n!gger and kept on flaming, please warn him. evidence is in the logs. I don't think it's okay to be racist, and he kept on telling me how I were camping every round even tho I just standed still to take a couple shots at him. I recently returned to the server and I'm sad to see all those flaming players on there, it aint like the good ol' times To contact me about this add me on steam: "steamcommunity.com/id/RizenDK" (Sorry if this aint the right board to leave this, im new on the forums and dont know where anything is located) Regards R1zeN