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  1. JūSt|Ce

    Star Fox skin gone after 2 maps.

  2. JūSt|Ce

    Star Fox skin gone after 2 maps.

    Hello. So I bought the starfox skin for 27.5k in the store for the tside, I wasn't able to use it since I was ct that game but when I was t I saw that I was wearing my regular skin. I looked at my inv and saw that the skin dissapeared, I would think that this is a database bugg. Greetings Arthur.
  3. JūSt|Ce

    [EVENT] New name for Hytale server

    offooos a list muendos/muendros, highlands, snipps/snips, lueno, trames, mincho More soon maybe idk lol and I can build a bit too, as its a long time agoo tho that I played mc I could probb still try xD Some styles that I used to be able to do: medieval (who cant?), fantasy, deathlike, modern (cities ect), .......... and if python work is required I may be able to help. (coding)