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  1. Hi, I think eXitus is one of the best community servers. I'm playing on it all the time. I know, when i joined the server for the first time. There were many friendly people like Black, Flairs, Thaxtron... I'm only playing on this server. More than the half of my hourst were played on eXitus. Thanks for the server !😘 -epiK
  2. zFaishZ


    Thanks for the reply black .
  3. zFaishZ


    Blackshadow mutes people . They said one time " huso " a kid said more than 10 times or sth " huso " the kid didnt get muted. I hope YOU understand 😉 Black
  4. BlackShadow banned me for " dotting " I was not dotting ! ADMIN-ABUSE
  5. zFaishZ


    Shrek form great britain is really annoying. He fakes names . Like riley ' s and my name ! pls tell him to stop that. smoke
  6. zFaishZ


    He sais " BL*CK NI*GER "
  7. zFaishZ


    2019-07-30 18-37-13.mp4
  8. zFaishZ

    Bug use

    Vodka Fisch My Project.mp4 [AT] und ᵗᵉʳʳᵒˣ nutzen spinbug aus 2019-07-29 20-20-09.mp4
  9. zFaishZ


    Vodka Fisch My Project.mp4 [AT] und ᵗᵉʳʳᵒˣ nutzen spinbug aus
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