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I would like to inform the staff team about the bugs which everyone hates.

At the moment there seems to be only 2 bugs around that annoy players a lot the bug with the hitbox of the skin called Gasai Yano its unfair against people who dont have that skin and annoying to play against and since 70% is using the skin it got pretty annoying overtime. not only that but the bug that comes with it if you use the bind +right or +left the hitboxes bug out and you are unhittable to others people keep abusing that bug and it is really annoying. I would suggest removing the skin for a quick option or taking the time in changing the hit box of it from custom to normal.


Thanks for ur effort in keeping the server nice and clean!

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Good evening

Thanks for your report. We already know the mistakes and we are already working on a solutuin.



The Admin team

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