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Dear Exitus-Gaming team,

I am writing to apply for the rank supporter.

I am 16 years old and my name is Lukas I have been playing on your server for a very long time so I would like to be a part of the staff team and help improving the server. I am as active as I possible can since I am in the 10th grade now the school stuff got a lot harder which means I need to learn a lot more. On weekends and holidays I will be very active. I am a friendly person, not racist and not toxic I have a lot of friends on the network some are from the staff team and some arent. I dont know if the gameplay matters for the application at all but I am pretty good at the game. I have never been a part of any type of staff team, not in this game or any other game but I belive that I would be a pretty good staff member since I do know a lot of stuff about the network and the game itselfs I can help new players and maybe even older ones. My main language is german but I allso speak a good ammount of english not perfect but allso not that bad. I have a working mic and I am not shy to use it ingame. I allways wanted to be in the staff team but I wasnt old enough and now that I am I really hope that I will get accepted. 


Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198217304616/

Discord : BOTHans#8435


Yours sincerely,


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Welcome Tyler,


I have the honor to tell you that you are accepted in the team as Supporter test as first to see if everything  goes right. I will take your steam ID and i will see you in game to explain to you ingame how it goes and if you have any question feel free to ask me or any staff member.

Kind regards,

See you on the server ! 🙂

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