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[EVENT] Christmas on Exitus 2019 !

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Hello everyone,

The end of the year is coming and as a part of that christmas is coming on Exitus!


To celebrate that we've prepared many events for you !



1st:  On the server, the return of question for credits for a limited period of time

Each correct answered will give 2000 credits (Only 1 time a day for each player/ A player can't get more than 2000 credits a day)




2nd:   Special gamemode on the server (King mode, ect...) Any Admin will announce it on server when any gamemode is on and will explain the rules !

There will be many bonuses to win througout the  whole gamemodes !




3rd:   Event on the forum to win 2 VIP plus credits

Let me explain the rules !

Everyone has a chance to win it: It's simple, we want you guys to write a small text related to exitus and christmas, you can include a picture if you want in your story ( it can be a memory you have from the server on Exitus or anything else related !)

The team and me are gonna pick the winner  and announce it in January

The prize distribution will be like this:

1st: 1 VIP pack + 50 000 credits

2nd: 1 VIP pack + 35 000 credits

3rd: 25 000 credits

To participate simply post your story in the general Forum and we will read all of them (No pressure you don't need to make a GIANT story 🙂 )




Plus many more events, also we are thinking of a community night where all of players can join us and we take parts on some challenges and minigames on a map 😄

We are going to announce it in a separate post to explain further more !

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Exitus server awp no scope is the best server I ever seen in CS:GO!
I like the people, mostly are nice, but there are not nice people too.
The most admin I like is Black Shadow, he is positive and has a nice chracter, is funny and helpfull!
I like the time I am playing at exitus!
So that was the story!



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Hi, I think eXitus is one of the best community servers. I'm playing on it all the time. I know, when i joined the server for the first time. There were many friendly people like Black, Flairs, Thaxtron...

I'm only playing on this server. More than the half of my hourst were played on eXitus. Thanks for the server !😘


eXitus Gaming.jpg

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Hi, I have played on exitus gaming for quite some time now and it has been very good. Blackshadow when i joined he was a good help so was other admins and I had so much fun on it. I was so addicted to it because how fun. Thank you for making this server!! There is so many kind people. Also I played on christmas and it was so fun with the events and had a good laugh with friends. 

- Maarioo

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3rd place RoRussian congrats !

2nd place: ZfaaishZ

1st place: Mario , congrats on winnong the VIP !


Congrats everyone !


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