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eXitus-Gaming Patch 07.05.2019

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== Intro ==
'''Patch Notes: eXitus-Gaming v1.0.0'''

''' Hello eXitus-Gaming! '''

As promised, all patch notes concerning our servers, our forum or other things are posted here, so you can understand what has changed, what will change and what we are currently working on.
Of course, we welcome feedback and criticism , suggestions and other. If you have questions about certain things, you can of course also post them.

Wir hoffen, Sie alle genießen die neuen Funktionen und Korrekturen! Teilen Sie Ihr Feedback und die Fehler auf der Fragenseite mit:


* New Homepage in work


* !res
* !store


* Working issue who player´s could the IP´s
* Working !nominate and !rtv


* Added VIP Playermodels 2


* Fixed Security Issue
* Fixed Store Tab
* Removed invisible AWP Skins
* Removed Starfox to fix
* Removed Girl IA replaced with Mercy
* Reworked Models Tab in !store


-> In the new Premium Playermodels 2
* New Skin Emilia
* New Skin Hatsune Miku
* New Skin Kanzaki Ranko
* New Skin Cybernetic
* New Skin Black Rock Shooter
* New Skin Hoppou
* New Skin Mercy
* New Skin Kurumi Togisaki
* New Skin Coconut
* New Skin Kirito



* New Updated Design
* New Forum Layout
* New Club System
* New Steam Group Widget
* New Member Features
* Admin Panel redesign
* Moderator Panel redesign
* New Article System
* Added Trophy System
* Warning Points Reset
* Donate Button added
* New Community Partners
* Re-added "Servers" Section
* Enabled Blogs feature


* Fixed Club System
* Fixed Posting issues
* Fixed Member Profile
* Fixed Passwort issue


* Removed unused Player Channels
* Added ARK Game Channels




* Support Ticket /// https://forums.exitus-gaming.com/index.php?/support/
* Facebook /// https://www.facebook.com/eXitusGaming/?ref=bookmarks
* Steam /// https://steamcommunity.com/groups/eXitus-Community
* Teamspeak /// ts3.exitus-gaming.com


[[en:Patch 1.1.1]]

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