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Hello, firstly, I write this application for beeing supporter 

My name is Alex, i am 16, soon 17 years old, and I really want to help the noscope bhop server, in CS:GO. I played CS:GO for 3 years now, and 1 year on the server ( approximately 144 hours ) and was ~20, and I speak English very well, French, and a little bit Spanish. Today, while playing on the server, I saw a score reset, and long time ago I thought to help the server, the admins, to develop it ( maybe by adding some awp skin, or put more player skin for people, to give them 1 day of player skin, to give them the desire of buying some player skin.

After the reset, I said to myself that with it, maybe i could help the server with some ideas, and a lot of thing. So here I am, and i hope you will read my application.

Thank you for your comprehension, and I hope you a good day 

My steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198313318126/

My discord ✾ Ţђuɠ Ɲeρ Ɲeρ ✾#2969

My TeamSpeak : ( I think this is my IP but i don't really use a lot TeamSpeak ) 

My name in steam is Ayaya ! ༼つ◕_◕༽つ ( Forgot to specify ^^' )

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