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Hi everybody,

Not so long ago, I was playing on the awp b-hop server in the map: awp-taj-heaven (or something like that).

A lot of people were jumping out of the map to be underneath it, it was really annoying and they went there on purpose. Is it possible to place some skyboxes around the map, so the people can't jump out of it?

kind regards

MrPetit (currently named as EzI'mSilver)

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Hey a Skybox has the card already what you mean is a playerclip texture that prevents the player from coming into the hands of the map no longer belongs.

The problem is only that many already have the map and if I would rebuild the now everyone would have to delete the map from his folder and download the new.

Sinve it is the map awp_taj_heaven and actually everyone can jump from the map because it is not difficult, we will not edit it first. Please ust the !calladmin funvtion

from the server or join us in the Teamspeak.




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