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My application as Supporter:


Hi my name is Marc, you can call me Marco 🙂 ingame you will know me as Marco >_<


I am currently 17 years old and i turn 18 in 3 months (17th of march). I also live in the standard country of the United Kingdom.


I am currently studying IT at college and i am in my second year, Soon i will be going university and studying Computer science.


In my free time i like to hang out with my friends and girls 😉


I am very easy going and can get along with anybody.


My online times:


   Monday from 2 pm - 10 pm

   Tuesday from 5 pm - 10 pm

   Wednesday from 6 pm - 11 pm

   Thursday from 6 pm - 11 pm

   Saturday from 10 am - 4 pm

   Sunday from 10 am - 10 pm


My ingame statistics:


My ingame playing time is around 1000+ hours on multiple accounts


On the noscope server i have had around 300-400 hours of playing time on multiple accounts.


My favourite part of playing CSGO is the bhop server as i feel it is very enjoyable and the community is very polite to me. I can not go on CSGO without visiting the noscope server as i miss it too much and miss blackshadow too 😉 i try to convince my friends to play this server as i believe that the no scope server is really fun.


My experience in the area:  Supporter:


Ive had my fair share of hours on CSGO, again majority of the hours playing the No scope server and i believe that i understand the rules that need to be in place to make sure that all of the people on the server have an enjoyable time. Ii would use another admin to help.


Why do I want to become an Supporter?


I want to become an admin or a supporter on this server as i want to be able to allow the people on the server to have an enjoyable time and to enjoy themselves, this is one of the best communities that i have come across. I understand the rules that need to be in place.


My strengths and weaknesses:


When it comes to my strengths;


I am very dedicated tasks and any opportunity that is given to me, that means that any task that i get given will be done on time and 100% of my effort will be put to it. I am very motivated to achieve an end goal which helps me with certain tasks. I undergo projects at college with my friends and i try to include myself as much as possible.


My data:


   Steam profile:

   SteamID: 76561198821021316

   Teamspeak 3: No

   Discord: yes




Hopefully you will be able to consider my application as i have been a member of your community for some while! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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Hey Marc,

thanks for your application!

We, the Exitus-Team, came to the conclusion, that we want you in our Team!

If you got some time on your hand, join our Teamspeak and we can infom you about beeing a supporter at Exitus-Gaming or resolve some open questions.

Greetings Tobi

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