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Application Guide / Template [ENG]

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Application Guide / Application Template

  •     A short introduction of your RL person and your in-game person. (Who are you, where are you from, etc.)
  •     A few facts about your in - game statistics, such as core points, activity times, CSGO hours, etc.
  •     What's your experience in Admin / Supporter / Moderator?
  •     Why do you want to be an admin? What do you want to achieve?
  •     Tell us something about your strengths and weaknesses.
  •     What are you doing in your free time, apart from playing PC games? (View)
  •     My data Steam / Teamspeak / Discord
  •     Closing formula.

A demo how your application should look like. Please think of your own !! Copies are rejected !!

My application as

About me:



  • My name is eXitus, but you can also call me eXit, ingame know me most under eXitus.  

             I am now 18 years old and live near the beautiful Nuremberg.

             I graduated from high school and also graduated, now I am training as a police officer.

             I travel a lot in my free time, but always have everyone with me to play around the clock.

             I do not need much more to say to my person that is the most interesting thing.


My online times:

Monday from xx pm - xx pm
Tuesday from xx pm - xx pm
Wednesday from xx pm - xx pm
Thursday from xx pm - xx pm
Friday from xx pm - xx pm
Saturday from xx pm - xx pm
Sunday from xx pm - xx pm


My ingame statistics:

My ingame playing time is ≈ 8000 hours.
I used to play under a different account on the Noscope server, I had an approximate one
Number of 1000 hours so you can expect about 9000 hours approximately.

I found the playing time on the Noscope more than great and it is an indescribable feeling of fun.
I was quickly initiated I was shown a lot from the beginning on the server and a lot
taught , I felt right well and did not want to  leave the server.
Nice is also that you can always help new people and also old acquaintances faces and even convince friends can play on the server and bring in the whole.
By and large, I have always had a lot of fun playing on the Noscope and think it will not go by far.


My experience in the area Admin/Supporter/Moderator:

I've been playing CSGO for a long time, mostly playing Noscope and Surf, and know the rules well.
I want to become a Noscope supporter so I can support you (community), you guys
can help the Noscope server gets a new shine. I am familiar with the area admin rights, I would use another admin to help.


Why do I want to become an Admin/Supporter/Moderator?

Because the server is mega good and I want to support him, and since the Noscope server still has a few supporters, I want to stop myself. I'm very active and neutral on issues and I'm trying hard to fix it and people enjoy playing on the Noscope server.
Know the rules well to point out people who do not know yet.

My strengths and weaknesses:


  •     My strengths: I am very ambitious and committed and therefore gladly take on several tasks. If I'm a bit fussy, I'm very          motivated and then I pull it off. By this I mean that I can talk properly and also adapt to the given situation. During a supporter job several years ago, it was said that I have a great talent for organizing events and events.


  •     My weaknesses: Of course, every human being has his or her weaknesses, too
         it may not be part of an application I want it
         Still not included.


My data:

Steam profile:
SteamID: STEAM_0: 0: 95804579
Teamspeak 3: Yes / No
Discord: yes / no


Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Positive feedback and an invitation to Ts3 to speak with one of the
responsible persons for this area.

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